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Dr Marina Editor's Choice

Interview with Suzanne Franco, South Africa

by Dr Marina Nani

More than twenty-four years have passed since the birth of democracy in South Africa and Suzanne Franco is proud and inspired by the commitment to equality and compassion of her Rainbow Nation.  Suzanne believes our modern society will be equally inspired by true stories of, sometimes forgotten, heroines. Uncovering real-life dramas intrigues Suzanne, and historical novels provide a platform for her inspiring story telling.

“I’m passionate about bringing real characters to life in my novels.  I believe people in today’s world will live in hope by recognising women who have sacrificed so much to have an impact on history, and therefore, humanity.”

Suzanne’s debut historical novel, Exile Child, received exceptional reviews from major newspapers and magazines.  

What inspired you? 

My first novel, Exile Child, is also an historical fiction novel, therefore I can say I’m drawn to powerful, inspiring stories of heroic women.  I strongly believe that the time is right to bring to light women’s historical true life stories.

What is the Key Message for your readers? 

 Soul Force accurately tracks the life of a young Indian girl who takes part in Gandhi’s South African Satyagraha during 1913, and although this story is set in the early 1900’s I would recommend anyone reading this incredible life story to inspire, stir acknowledgement of women’s bravery to create fearless women in today’s modern world.  I believe that women’s true life stories must be brought to light and are universal in theme, therefore the entire world will be able to relate to the main character’s plight and courage.

What are you Upcoming projects?  

My next novel is also a story of an incredibly strong women who had an impact on the course of history of the very first British concentration camps in South Africa.  She worked tirelessly to improve the dire conditions of the prisoners.


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