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Suzanne Franco

About the Author

More than twenty-seven years have passed since the birth of democracy in South Africa, and Suzanne Franco is proud and inspired by the commitment to equality and compassion of South Africa's Rainbow Nation. 

Suzanne believes our modern society will be inspired by true stories of, sometimes forgotten, heroines. 

Uncovering real-life drama intrigues Suzanne, and historical novels provide a platform for her inspiring storytelling.

"I'm passionate about bringing real characters to life in my novels. I believe people in today's world will live in hope by recognising women who have sacrificed so much to have an impact on history, and therefore, humanity."

Suzanne's debut historical novel, Exile Child, received exceptional reviews from major newspapers and magazines. In addition, Suzanne features on many radio and TV shows and is often a guest motivational speaker at many South African government initiatives. 

Suzanne Franco

"She who dares wins"

- Suzanne Franco -


Global Woman Club

Global Woman Club started its journey bringing together women that we interview for the Global Woman magazine and then inviting them to speak on stage.


Suzanne was invited as a guest speaker at the Global Woman Club's Johannesburg launch event on the 17th June 2018.​

A Force of Its Own

Suzanne Franco's latest thought-provoking novel, Soul Force, closely follows the treacherous journey of a young Indian girl who dedicates her short life to Gandhi's Satyagraha movement against oppression in South Africa during the early 1900's.

Suzanne Franco

A Woman's Word

My first novel, Exile Child, is an historical fiction novel, which is the same genre as my latest book, Soul Force.Therefore I can confidently say I’m drawn to powerful, inspiring stories of heroic women.


Despite women’s past oppression and current challenges they face as a writer, we have no difficulty in managing to hold on to life’s most treasured emotion… hope. 


When I began my journey as an historical fiction writer I was blissfully unaware of the prejudice that awaited me.  I was told – in no uncertain terms – that as a white female writer I had no credibility to write the life stories of woman of colour.  Publishers shied away.  


The phenomenal international success of my first novel, Exile Child, has proven – beyond doubt – that there are zero prerequisites for a female writer in our modern society.  As women, we are able and justified, to write about whatever intrigues us, or stirs us to inspire other women.


I believe that true life stories must be brought to light as they are universal in theme, therefore the world will learn and understand the plight and courage that our fellow heroines of history have shown.

Suzanne Franco

"God speed courage and strength to all

who struggle to find their voice.


Once found, authentic expression changes

lives, inspires the world and brings hope to all.

Be bold. Be yourself. Be heard."

- Suzanne Franco -

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