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Soul Force

Valliamma found herself no longer a child, not yet a woman, but an activist

Soul Force

Soul Force


Unlike most teenagers her age, in the face of danger and adversity, Valliamma Mudliar, showed no sign of fear.  


Under the hardship of white oppression in South Africa during the early 1900’s, Valliamma and her Satyagrahi sisters are desperate to carry out their mission as they bravely march along endless dirt roads, pressing on across forbidden provincial borders.  The Regime’s brutal and unforgiving law enforcement waiting for them – weapons in hand.

“Valliamma, you do not regret having gone to jail?” Mohandas Gandhi asked the ailing girl.

”I am now ready to go to jail again, if arrested, even in my fragile state.”  Valliamma replied, peacefully.

Undaunted, Valliamma felt privileged to be a part of Gandhi’s South African Satyagraha force.  But can such dedication sustain her strength and courage to complete her treacherous journey?  At sixteen, Valliamma digs deep to undertake a dangerous course that unimaginably changes her life - as well as the lives of a Nation.

Valliamma found herself no longer a child, not yet a woman, but an activist.

Author Suzanne
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Soul The Story


“Suzanne’s passion for bringing to life the story of Valliamma is commendable by all accounts where South Africa’s Indian community shaped the balance of power.”

Indian Spice Magazine

—  Indian Spice Magazine

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