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The Power of Passive Resistance

Join us as we step back in time to explore the extraordinary life of Gandhi's youngest female passive resistance follower. Valliamma, at just 16, displayed unparalleled courage and determination, marching resolutely alongside Mahatma Gandhi to challenge the unjust Asiatic Laws of 1913. Her story isn't just history; it's a beacon of inspiration for the youth and a testament to the spirit of resistance.

The Spirit of Valliamma

Valliamma's legacy is more than a historical anecdote; it's a narrative that echoes the power of being bold, being oneself, and being heard. In a time of brutal oppression, this young woman stood strong, her voice cutting through the noise, her actions shaking the foundations of an unjust regime.

Tune Into Inspiration:

Mark your calendars and join us on this inspirational journey. Tune in to Ubuntu Pulse 107.2 FM to discover the untold story of Valliamma's bravery and how her spirit continues to inspire generations. Let's dive deep into the essence of courage and how it shapes the world around us.

This live radio interview promises to be more than just a conversation; it's an exploration of what it means to be bold, to stand firm in one's beliefs, and to make one's voice heard against all odds. Be part of this journey and remember your spirit has the power to inspire, to challenge, and to change the world.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to uncover the inspiring story of a young woman who dared to defy an oppressive regime and stood strong in the face of adversity.

Click here to learn more about the show and how you can tune in. Let's embrace the courage within us and spread the message of hope and resistance.

Be Bold. Be Yourself. Be Heard.

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