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Soul Force: The Hindu Times Celebrates Valliamma's Fight for Justice on International Women's Day

Updated: Mar 14

March 08, 2024, Article by R.Sai Venkatesh

Embark on a Voyage of Courage and Resilience: Unfolding Valliamma's Inspirational Saga!

'Soul Force: Valliamma Found Herself No Longer a Child, Not Yet a Woman, But an Activist' is not merely a publication; it embodies a movement. A movement that has been thoughtfully highlighted in The Hindu Times by R. Sai Venkatesh, touching hearts and inspiring minds globally.

Prepare to be captivated by an extraordinary tale of determination and transformative influence! I'm Suzanne Franco, and I'm thrilled to present to you a narrative imbued with the essence of unwavering courage and tireless activism. 

Amid the dynamic streets of Johannesburg, within the fierce waves of protest against entrenched racism, the story of a young girl's resilient stand for justice and equality unfolds. Valliamma, a name now synonymous with 'Satyagraha' and the Gandhian pursuit of nonviolent resistance, set forth on a journey that transcended her own life to light the way for women around the world. Her story, as chronicled in 'Soul Force,' stands as a powerful testament to the influence of voice, the might of conviction, and the significant impact of advocating for righteousness.

As we delve into the compelling story of Valliamma's life, from her first inspiring interaction with Mahatma Gandhi to her heartrending battle against social injustice, we discover the profound teachings her existence offers us. Let us be inspired by her bravery, touched by her narrative, and strengthened by her enduring legacy. Prepare to embark on an incredible voyage where historical valour meets modern inspiration, and every woman discovers the echo of her own latent power and indomitable will.

I invite you to journey with me through the pages of 'Soul Force' and the uplifting life of Valliamma, a young heroine whose legacy continues to inspire acts of resistance and change. Let's commence this exploration together, and may each of us uncover the 'Soul Force' that resides within.

"Be Bold. Be Yourself. Be heard." - Suzanne Franco


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