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Do Something Now

Do Something Now

It's nothing new when well-meaning people advise you to 'acknowledge the good' or 'eliminate the negative' or to just 'do something now.' We've all heard it before. But it's a fact that if you want to increase your self-acceptance, all, if not more, of the above has to be done. If you take a leap of faith in yourself, the possibilities that exist are endless.

The American dictionary states the definition of the word 'potential' as 'existing in possibility. Sounds simple, even inspiring.

As a writer and researcher of South African historical novels, I have learnt that a single woman's potential is beyond limitless. Both of my books, Exile Child and Soul Force, documents the lives of two brave South African women who told themselves to 'do something now.' They made an everlasting impact on the history of South Africa.

A purposeful intent was one of the fine qualities that Sarah Bartmaan and Valliamma Mudliar held dear. For this reason alone, I wrote their life stories, which have inspired so many women today to follow their hearts.

As we celebrate Women's Day today, my wish is for all South Africa's women is to find their purposeful intent and achieve their dreams.

The Universe will always guide you. Feel it, surrender and be led.

Be bold. Be yourself. Be heard.

Suzanne Franco - Author of Exile Child and Soul Force

9th August 2021


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