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Speaker at the Global Woman Launch

As a South African woman, YOU too can speak up on any issue that you are passionate about, just like the brave women of our past and make YOUR voice part of OUR remarkable history. I was honoured and proud to be part of such an inspiring event. Thank you, Global Women (International), for inviting me to be a guest speaker at the launch of their South African branch at the Image Lifestyle Centre in Johannesburg. This is a shout out to such non-profit organisations.

Global Woman magazine is a commercial enterprise, producing a quality and content-rich monthly publication for and about women home and abroad.

Your efforts to inspire, motivate and uplift women worldwide are commendable!

I was thrilled to share my experiences of writing about forgotten South African true stories of courageous and indomitable women - just like you!

As I continue my writing adventure with my next true South African novel, I remain in awe of the incredible, brave women who took a dangerous stand against injustice. Sarah Bartmann in Exile Child and Valliamma Mudliar highlighted in Soul Force are such women.

My incredible journey of bringing the lives of brave South African women to life continues!

I'm humbled and proud to be a part of this inspiring nation. So many have sacrificed so much to overcome injustice. Bringing true-life stories to light through my novels keeps me writing.

"Be Bold. Be Heard. Be Yourself." - Suzanne Franco


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