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Exile Child' Earns Endorsement from the Esteemed Thabo Mbeki Foundation

When history aligns with purpose, something remarkable happens.

It is with immense pride and a sense of profound gratitude that I share the news of the Thabo Mbeki Foundation's endorsement of my novel, 'Exile Child'.

To have my work recognized and supported by an institution that is a catalyst for the African Renaissance is nothing short of extraordinary.

Capturing the Spirit of an Icon

'Exile Child' narrates the incredible life of South African icon, Sarah Baartman, a woman whose resilience and spirit have left indelible imprints on our history. This tale transcends time, presenting a historically accurate portrayal that has resonated with readers around the globe.

In the words of the Thabo Mbeki Foundation:

The Foundation has no doubt that Exile Child, the story of Sarah Baartman, is in safe hands with Suzanne Franco. For this reason, the Thabo Mbeki Foundation has endorsed turning Exile Child into a film. We have no doubt that this next chapter of Sarah Baartman's story through Exile Child will bring her life to the fore once more.

Embracing the African Renaissance

The endorsement of 'Exile Child' by the Thabo Mbeki Foundation signals more than just recognition of a novel. It symbolizes a shared vision and mission – to advance Africa's political, social, economic, and cultural development.

The foundation's trust in me, as evidenced by their statement, fuels my desire to keep promoting our beautiful African legacy and to make the untold stories heard.

Exile Child on the Big Screen

Armed with this endorsement, the journey of 'Exile Child' takes on a new dimension as we venture into the realm of film. The transformation of this captivating narrative into a cinematic experience promises to bring Sarah Baartman's life to the fore once more, thus preserving and promoting our rich African heritage.

As we embark on this exciting new chapter, I remain eternally grateful for the Thabo Mbeki Foundation's support and shared belief in the importance of telling vital African stories. Together, we will keep the spirit of the African Renaissance alive.


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